Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Rising Unblinded

Logo designs for London band...


Working around a Comic Book style design.

Beneath the Beach

A couple of Logo ideas for London band...


Above are my favourite Logo designs.
Found the crab image in one of my previous collages and thought it would make a cool motif.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Father's Day

As I am trying to save money, decided to make something instead of buy something for Father's day.
Came up with this caricature of my Dad  (who is a Dental Technician) and his business Partner Lee for their Lab.

'Haywood Oaks, Dental Technicians'
Acrylic and Watercolour on A1 Canvas.

aaaand... this is Dad. Hopefully you can tell which caricature is supposed to be him!


Westminster University, Mixed Media Fine Art  Degree, Final Show 2012
Ambika P3, Baker Street



 A selection of some of the works in the show...
some absolutely amazing work and a great show, which went too quickly!

Please contact me for any info on the work shown above.

Where's Wally?

'An Obsessive Beginning'
Collage and Drawing on Passport Photos.
165cm X 390cm (Piece as a whole)

Detailed photographs of my work for my final Westminster show.

From comparing the abstract collages and the passport photo collages, I was reminded of Lygia Pape’s work ‘Livro do tempo’ (Book of Time). I was impressed by the large mass of the work against size.
Looking around the studio, I saw that a majority of the students were making large pieces of work, considering the size of the P3 space we were to display our work. I wanted my work to stand out and compliment the work around me and working on that same large scale (with my abstract collages) would not add presence to my work, but would in fact compete against other large works in a negative way.
I therefore decided to show these passport collages that I have been working on.

The Title of the work, 'An Obsessive Beginning' refers to my intention to carry on with this work. 
Although the works already seem impressive with the amount of collage displayed here, I think the work would be more impressive with an even bigger mass. I therefore intend to carry on with these collages and display them all again in the future with this in mind, filling a larger space or even filling a gallery.