Wednesday, 15 December 2010

2nd Year Fine Art Degree show

Just a few bits from the exhibition yesterday.
Which was a very good exhibition I might add!
Great show, great variety and quality of work.
Works shown are of University of Westminster 2nd Year Fine Art Students. (2010)

Monday, 13 December 2010

Finally... a body of work that I am happy with

So here's what I will be showing at the Fine Art show tomorrow night.

I wanted to move away from my designs for typical tattoos and take this to another level. Looking back through my experimentations, I found that the most successful experiments were the laser jet works with pen and ink. Still being influenced by the history of tattooing, I decided to create images out of work that was also linked with the history of art. For example I began splicing and changing the compositions of works of art to make something new and unfamiliar yet interesting and sometimes humorous to look at. The work hopefully now makes the viewer think more about where the images I have used have derived from and what meanings are behind each collage.

Skulls play a huge part in the history of art, representing mortality of a human being and memento mori, also a subject used by many artists, such as Cezanne and Picasso.
I decided to work on semi-translucent plastic because of its reference to skin. This material is also very fascinating to work on and provides two views of the work from both the front and back of the composition, therefore I hung the pieces on 10 inch nails so that they would stick out from the wall and show off the aesthetic qualities of the material.

I think the show starts at about 4:00 tomorrow (14th Dec) till aboutt 9:00ish i reckon. J
At westminster Uni (Harrow) in the Fine Art bit of the tent.
Feel free to come and have a look around.
Loads of cool work there.